• Athiesm: We as humans have a long way to go before we can understand the amazing complexities of the universe.
  • Religion: The big magic man in the sky made it all. Now, let me tell you how to live your life...
  • Bo Burnham From God's Perspective
    Bo Burnham
    From God's Perspective


    The books you think I wrote are way too thick.
    Who needs a thousand metaphors to figure out you shouldn’t be a dick?
    And I don’t watch you when you sleep.
    Surprisingly I don’t use my omnipotence to be a fucking creep

    You’re not going to heaven

    Why the fuck would you think I’d ever kick it with you?
    None of you are going to heaven
    There’s a trillion aliens cooler than you


    "Say hi to your parents for me!" is the most commonly ignored request.



My all time favorite sign I’ve seen near my house

i cant live like this


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