“I find the odor of death very erotic. There are death odors and there are death odors. Now you get your body that’s been floating in the bay for two weeks, or a burn victim, that doesn’t attract me much, but a freshly embalmed corpse is something else. There is also this attraction to blood. When you’re on top of a body it tends to purge blood out of its mouth, while you’re making passionate love….”

——Karen Greenlee, who participated in necrophilia.  



so i made myself a website when i was 12 and IT’S STILL ON THE INTERNET

omg I’m having horrible flashbacks from 7th grade watching this, the secondhand embarrassment is REAL




sometimes it fucks me up knowing ted bundy has a daughter. somewhere out there.

"This guy owed me $1600, gave me a bullshit story… I was, uh, putting the toys together for the kids and this thing was really bugging me. It was just making my whole disposition bad. So it just occurred to me, this is bullshit. I went to the bar, they told me he just left. I saw his car, his car was running but it had snow on it. So I knocked on the door, and he says, ‘hey, how are you? Good to see you, come in, sit down.’ So I go around to the passenger side and sit down and says, ‘look, I really need the money. It’s not right, you’re just playing me like a fool here.’ I had this pistol in my hand he was just annoying me to no end. Babbling, going on and on. And I fired. And I couldn’t see a damn thing – couldn’t hear, couldn’t see. Then I panicked because now I don’t know what’s going on. Anyway, I had caught the guy in the temple, and as he moved back the second shot caught him under the chin. I reached in the man’s pocket and he had a roll of money. I took my $1600 off him, got out of the car and walked away. And that’s when it happened, one Christmas Eve in New York City."
Richard Kuklinski (via myloveisoldfashioned)

"Do you know what an adrenalin rush feels like?"
"Oh yeah."
"What will give you one?"
"Sex. That’s the only one. I don’t really get anything from hitting anybody, hurting anybody, shooting anybody, it does nothing for me…if I were to beat somebody up, it would do nothing for me…"
"You could never get a feeling out of it."
"I never got one. It was disappointing. That’s why I figured I must be crazy, because I figured someone should have some kind of a feeling." - Richard Kuklinski
"the only god i believe in is a loaded pistol with a hair trigger. funny how before i killed a lot of guys they’d call me god. ‘oh, god, no! oh god no!’"
richard kuklinski, when asked if he believed in god, that it was a sin to kill a human being (via anorexic)
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